Evergreen Public School District
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Community Ed
Evergreen encourages its staff to innovate, work in teams, and collaborate among different grade levels. Our environment breeds excitement for all our employees and challenges them to fulfill their career goals and provide the best education possible.

We invest heavily in staff development, particularly for our teachers. Each new teacher is provided a six-day orientation that includes sessions on instructional methodology, student management, and an overview of the district's curriculum.

All teachers receive a minimum of the equivalent of 13 days each school year for in-service days and other professional activities. In-service activities include presenters ranging from local education practitioners to nationally recognized leaders. The individual schools encourage teachers to participate in training and continuing education in an effort to bring new knowledge into the classroom and improve student learning.

The district also provides a Professional Development Fund for each teacher that may be used for reimbursement of certain professional expenses, such as tuition and workshop and conference fees.

A spirit of cooperation and collaboration prevails in the district, including a good working relationship among management, the teachers' association, and the classified employees union. Salaries are competitive with similar-size districts and for an added benefit there is no state income tax in Washington.

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Vancouver, Washington 98682


PO Box 8910
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Telephone: (360) 604-4014

Job Hotline: (360) 604-6200

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