Evergreen Public School District

District completes Mill Plain investigation

Evergreen Public Schools has completed the investigation into a Mill Plain Elementary third grade parent complaint. The complaint centered around whether children were denied or made to pay with class-earned scrip for bathroom breaks during class time. Teachers in elementary classrooms employ various methods to ensure bathroom breaks, outside of the already-scheduled breaks in the day (such as recesses and lunch), are not disruptive to learning time, ensure children are properly checked out of class and then return promptly to class after using the bathroom.

The investigation concluded that children were never denied bathroom breaks if they needed one, regardless if they had sufficient “dollars” in their account – this was a decision made to use an already implemented money management learning system-rather than to introduce another method of dispensing discretionary passes.  All children in the class had thousands of dollars in their accounts.  The money in the accounts, earned through good behavior, turning in assignments and other citizenship activities, was only spent twice a year in an auction-once mid-year, and another that will happen at the end of the year.  Children were not charged for any special snacks such as popcorn.

The investigation further concluded that a normal process was followed when a student has a bathroom accident: children were always offered a choice of clothing, a pair of underwear (in this case, a brand new pair was provided), and asked if they would like their parents informed.

Evergreen Public Schools takes the well-being of students as the highest priority, and while it cannot be guaranteed that elementary students will never have an accident at school, the school staff responds with respect, dignity and as much privacy for the student as possible.