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Heritage hosts 'Signing Idol'

Click here to see KPTV's video of the event...

High school students put their own twist on the show 'American Idol' in Vancouver last Thursday evening.

American Sign Language students competed for the title of ‘Signing Idol' in front of a large crowd at Heritage High School. It was a unique show that brought the deaf community together for a good cause.

This is the eighth year 'Signing Idol' was held at the high school, and organizers said it was the first time they sold out. More than 500 people packed into the school's theater to watch the performances. Students took to the stage, where they signed the words to some of their favorite songs.

A panel of three deaf judges ranked the competition and then picked winners in several categories.

Teachers say the teens spent weeks preparing for the show, which brings together a variety of people.

"We do this every year," said American Sign Language teacher Melissa Cayton. "Our students work hard to learn about signs, deaf culture and linguistics, and they put it all together. It's their final, but it's one big show. It's also a big competition."

The money raised from ticket sales Thursday evening went into a school fund.