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Legislative Information

An important part of education occurs not only in the classroom, but in the hands of legislators who help shape the amount of funding schools receive, educational standards and public policy decisions. The Evergreen Public Schools' Board of Directors believes that making the voice of the district heard and creating a strong and informed presence by community members is critical to the success of the 21st century education that the district is committed to providing.

The Washington State School Directors' Association (WSSDA) gives daily and weekly updates on legislative issues and developments on their legislative homepage at: http://wssda.org/Legislative/LegislativeUpdatesReports.aspx.

Community members may also click on any of the sidebar links to be taken directly to various legislative websites.

Legislative Contact Information

Click a name below to email your elected officials or give them a call.

17th Legislative District

Senator Don Benton (R)
(360) 786-7632

Representative Monica Stonier (D)
(360) 786-7994

Representative Paul Harris (R)
(360) 786-7976

18th Legislative District

Senator Ann Rivers (R)
(360) 786-7634

Representative Brandon Vick (R)
(360) 786-7850

Representative Liz Pike (R)
(360) 786-7812

49th Legislative District

Senator Annette Cleveland (D)
(360) 786-7696

Representative Sharon Wylie (D)
(360) 786-7924

Representative Jim Moeller (D)
(360) 786-7872

3rd Congressional District

US Senator Maria Cantwell (D)
(202) 224-3441 or (360) 696-7838

US Senator Patty Murray (D)
(202) 224-2621 or (360) 696-7797

US Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)
(202) 225-3536 or (360)