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Mountain View Places 16th in National Math Contest

Vancouver's Mountain View High School has some of the best high-school mathematicians in the country, as demonstrated by their 16th-place finish in the 2012 Ciphering Time Trials, a national mathematics contest administered by National Assessment & Testing (http://www.natassessment.com). 

Coach Barbara Elliott prepared students for the last major competition of 2012, consisting of ten rounds in which they had three minutes to solve three problems.  The problems in each round covered a range of difficulties in diverse topics, challenging the most-experienced students to answer all three questions within the time limit and requiring less-experienced students to quickly decide which problems they'll need to skip.

After results from students across the country were double-checked, Peter Lu placed 9th in the 10th-grade division, leading his team to place 16th among the top schools in the country.  Mountain View High School will be participating in National Assessment & Testing's next contest, the 2012 Four-by-Four Competition, on Thursday, January 1st, which offers a very similar contest format to teams of four rather than to individual students.  In addition, Mountain View High School will be participating in National Assessment & Testing's final contest of the year, the 2012 Collaborative Problem-Solving Contest, on which the entire school can collaborate for one week, doing research or applying technology as they wish.

National Assessment & Testing administers a number of high-quality mathematics competitions that schools can receive through the mail and administer at their convenience.  Their contests cover a variety of formats, including individual and team tests, as well as different levels of difficulty, from an easier 100 problems in 30 minutes to a more complicated 15 problems in one week.