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Building Rentals

Evergreen Public School District facilities are available to the community and non-profit organizations.  Activities should adhere to the interests of the District and should not interfere with educational programs.  First priority is always given to the education of students.  Building usage follows the school year calendar of Evergreen Public Schools.  Summer rentals are minimal.

To request use of Evergreen Public Schools facilities, fields or school grounds, please fill out the Building and Grounds Use Permit Application and submit to Building Rentals for consideration.  If approved, a representative will be in contact with you and a Use Permit will be issued.

Please read through the General Use Guidelines and Rental Rates and Fee Schedule prior to submitting the application.


Building Rentals User Responsibility

All groups or organizations using District facilities shall provide an ADULT leader.  Persons will not be admitted until the ADULT leader arrives and checks in.

The ADULT leader shall remain with the group during use of the facilities and be responsible for the group’s conformance with all the rules and regulations.  Upon leaving, the ADULT leader shall inform the District representative so that the facility may be secured.

Users shall not tamper with or make adjustments to heating, lighting, furnishing, or equipment.

Standard approved gym shoes are required for all activity-type usage in the District’s gyms and field house.  Use of sport shoes that leave black marks on gym or field house floors is prohibited.  Proper attire shall be worn at all times.

In the event a group wishes to cancel use of a facility, it must notify the Building Rentals Office at least three (3) business days in advance.  Failure to do so may result in charges and/or cancellation of the Use Agreement.

All use of the facilities shall end in sufficient time to completely vacate the premises by the time listed on the Agreement.

The individual named on the Agreement and the group in whose name the Agreement is used shall accept responsibility for any damage to District property.  In the event of damage, the user will accept the District’s estimate of the dollar amount of repair or replacement and make payment promptly to the District.

The school facilities shall be left in a clean and orderly condition by all users.  Users will be charged if custodial or other labor is required to clean a facility.

Building Rentals Use Restrictions And Specific Provisions

Vending of refreshments and food, the transacting of business, merchandising, advertising or the signing of contracts, other than those which occur in the normal business of the District or affect the students and employees of the District, are not allowed on District property except by special contract arrangement.

Advertising material of any kind shall not be distributed or posted in the school buildings or on school premises, without prior approval of the District.

Games of chance, lotteries, raffles, etc., are not allowed on District property except for fund-raising events of the District parent-teacher organizations or student organizations, as permitted under state law.

It is the intent of the Evergreen Public Schools to comply with the requirements of state and federal regulations that prohibit discrimination based on sex, race, national origin, age and/or handicapping conditions.

All sponsoring organizations and/or users of the District’s facilities shall comply fully with all District policies and procedures relating to community use of facilities.  Evidence of compliance shall be furnished to the District if required.

All Facility Use Agreements automatically expire at the close of the school year.  Summer usage will be handled on a limited individual basis.

In the event of duplicate schedules or other error which cannot be accommodated by the District representative in charge, the group or person holding the earliest dated Agreement shall have precedence.  However, if for any reason a school function is scheduled or re-scheduled to conflict with an outside use, the school use shall have precedence.

If a District facility is closed due to weather conditions, equipment failure, holidays, vacation, teacher work days, or any other reason, events for that facility and day are cancelled without notification and must be rescheduled in the usual manner.

A District representative will be assigned to each activity, except for the use of groups where building access is not required.  Keys to building or facilities will not be issued to groups or individuals.

Specific Provisions/Restrictions

Use of the District facilities, equipment, and services shall be restricted to those spaces and times specifically set forth in the Use Agreement.

Pianos, tables, chairs, desks, and other furniture and/or equipment are not to be used or moved from one room to another except by prior written arrangement and then only by or under the direct supervision of the District representative.

Sports and activities that are normally engaged in outdoors (baseball, softball, soccer, football, etc.), and any equipment designed for use in conjunction with outdoor activities will be restricted at all times to outdoor areas.

Use of tobacco is not allowed in the buildings or anywhere else on School District property.

Alcoholic beverages and/or narcotics are not allowed on District property under any circumstances.

Boisterous conduct and/or use of profane or other improper language will be grounds for termination of the Use Agreement.

Open flame, including candles, is not permitted.

Fire and safety regulations of the District, Clark County and the State of Washington shall be observed at all times.  Capacity regulations must be strictly observed.

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