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Meal Charge Policy



Elementary Breakfast:   $0.95

Elementary Lunch:        $1.85

Middle School Breakfast:   $1.15

Middle School Lunch:        $2.15

High School Breakfast:   $1.15

High School Lunch:        $2.40

Adult Breakfast:             $2.00

Adult Lunch:                  $3.50

Free or Reduced Qualified, then Breakfast is:                            $0.00
Grades K-3 Qualified for Reduced Meals, Lunch is:                   $0.00   
Grades 4-12 Qualified for Reduced Meals, Lunch is:                 $0.40

A la carte Milk (Individual, not part of meal):   $0.45

Other various a la carte items (6-12): Prices vary and are clearly and accurately displayed at point of sale. 



Food service account funds must be prepaid for all grades K-12 or else can be paid at time of purchase for grades 6-12.  Cashiers do not provide change.  Overpaid funds will apply to the student’s food service account.  Food service account funds are revolving as long as the student is actively enrolled in the district.

Acceptable payment methods include check, cash or online with credit card.  However, cash is not recommended.  Food service account activity and balance information is available online to students and parents/guardians through Skyward Family Access, which is accessible from the district website: or by calling the Child Nutrition Services office at (360) 604-4034



Parent/Guardian/Student is responsible for payment of charges incurred prior to the date of approved benefits.  If approved for free or reduced-priced meal benefits, the benefits will be as of the date the application was received by the appropriate school secretary or Child Nutrition Services office.

One regular reimbursable meal for each breakfast and lunch each day is included in the free or reduced meal benefit program.  Additional purchases such as a la carte items, additional milk, and additional (second) meals are not included in these benefits, although can be purchased at regular price.  Milk is included with every reimbursable meal.  However, milk alone without the other meal components is not a reimbursable meal and therefore will be charged at the regular milk price. 

A reimbursable meal can be defined as a complete meal comprised of the required serving amount of the required components and nutritional values as regulated through the USDA Food and Nutrition Service agency in accordance with the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.  A meal is the regular menu offerings comprised of mandatory minimum 3 of 5 components (Milk, Meat or Meat Alternates, Grains/Bread, Vegetables, Fruits).  Reference:



A negative balance owing (debt) of any amount is immediately due.  Students with insufficient funds or without a meal during the school day will be served one reimbursable meal and their food service account will be charged according to their established meal pricing (normal full price, reduced price or free in the case of approved benefits).  Purchase of a la carte items, additional milk, and additional meals are not allowed if there are not sufficient funds available for the purchase.

A negative food service account balance will remain a food service account balance throughout the duration of the student’s active enrollment with the district unless the district determines the circumstances of the student’s balance warrant a fine and/or third party collections.  A negative food service balance owing the district upon withdrawal or graduation will be transferred to a fine as an outstanding debt until paid in full.       

Low and/or Negative Balance Communication
When a student's food service balance reaches an amount to cover only 2 - 3 more meals, the cashier will verbally remind the student that their funds are getting low.  An email notification is automatically generated to the parent's email address on file as the primary family (family1) when a student's purchase makes the food service balance low or negative.  Further communication methods such as phone call or mailed letter to parent/guardian will also be used as the food service debt ages or grows. 

In the event third party collections become necessary, the primary family will be notified in writing to the email and mailing address on file 30 days prior to the collections referral.     

Food service account activity and balance information is available online to students and parents/guardians through Skyward Family Access, which is accessible from the district website: or by calling the Child Nutrition Services office at (360) 604-4034



When a check is returned by bank unpaid, the originally credited food service funds will remain on the student’s food service account.  A separate fine will be created for the amount of the returned check.  The fine is to be immediately paid and all fine policies will apply. 

An email and/or mailed letter are immediately sent to the payor.  Credit card or cash payments will be required once two checks have been returned by bank within a school year.        



Food service account funds can be refunded or transferred across food service accounts at any time upon written request using the Food Service Account Balance Refund and Transfer form.  Food service funds can be transferred to another specifically named student or donated for the district’s discretion of student food service accounts.  Funds remaining on account after a student withdrawals or graduates from the district are not automatically refunded. 

Unclaimed Property
When unused food service funds are not retrieved by refund or transfer and the student has remained inactive for 2 years as of August 31 each year, then the remaining balance is sent as unclaimed property to the state.  



Staff are not extended credit or allowed to have negative food service balances.  Staff may prepay to their food service account or pay per purchase.  Cashiers do not provide change.  Overpaid funds will apply to the staff member’s food service account or else are forfeited if the staff food service account is not already established.  Staff can request a food service account by contacting the Child Nutrition Services office.      


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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