Ways to support our students in need

Community Rewards with Fred Meyer
 1. Get a Reward card at your nearest Fred Meyer.  If you already have one, follow the steps below.
 2. Go to fredmeyer.com/communityrewards
 3. Follow the steps to link your Rewards Card to your favorite Union High School Giving Fund
 4. Then simply shop at Freddy's with your Rewards Card.
This program is amazing!  We earned $500 over the last two quarters.

AmazonSmile Foundation

For program information, please go to https://org.amazon.com.
Sign up for the Union Giving Fund as your favorite 501 (c)(3) organization.
AmazonSmile is a program operated by Amazon that generates donations to non-profits.
What is my organization's unique link?
What does my unique link do?
When customers click on your organization's unique link, they skip the process to search for a charity to support among over 1 million eligible charities. Instead, they're taken tosmile.amazon.com and are automatically asked if they want to support Union High School.
Do my supporters have to click on my charity's AmazonSmile link every time they shop?
No. Once customers select your organization, you will receive 0.5% of the price of all their eligible smile.amazon.com purchases, regardless of whether they use your unique AmazonSmile link to return to the site. However, we recommend that you ask your supporters to bookmark and use your link so they don't accidentally shop at www.amazon.com instead ofsmile.amazon.com. Only purchases made at smile.amazon.com are eligible for donations.

Direct donations to the Union Giving Fund
at any IQ Credit Union

New clothing, toiletries and snacks

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