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2019-20 C-Tran/Apple Pass

The City of Vancouver is partnering with C-Tran, Evergreen Public Schools and Vancouver Public Schools to offer the Apple Pass, also known as Youth Opportunity Pass (YOP), to all middle and high school students in the Evergreen and Vancouver school districts. This program provides free transit access and community center access for current students.

Overview of Process:

After a student applies for and is approved for the C-Tran Apple Pass sticker on their student ID card, they are eligible for free access to both Firstenburg and Marshall community centers. To receive community center access, students should speak with a customer service representative at the front desk of either center and fill out a short application form (students under 18 will need consent from a parent or guardian on this application). Students will then be issued a separate pass for the community centers. Passes are available at the start of the school year and expire on Aug. 31 at the end of the summer.

C-Tran Youth Opportunity Pass

City of Vancouver Apple Pass



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