District Departments

Use the links below to call, email, or find more information about departments throughout the school district.

Academic Accountability

Matt Handelman, Chief Academic Accountability Officer
360-604-4012 |
See more: Assessment,  District/School Improvement

Budget & Fiscal Services

Mike Merlino, Chief Operations Officer
360-604-4027 |
See more: Accounting, Business & Support Services, Food & Nutrition, Purchasing, Transportation



Communications & Community Engagement

Gail Spolar, Director
360-604-4088 |
See more: Community Education, Community Partnerships, Conference Center, Connect Evergreen, Media & News CenterTutoring Center, Video Services


Susan Steinbrenner, Director
360-604-4077 |
See more: Building Rentals, Custodial Services, Grounds & Maintenance



Human Resources

Jenae Gomes, Executive Director
360-604-4010 |
See more: Benefits, Employment, Payroll, Risk Management, Substitute Services

Information Technology

Derrick Brown, Chief Innovation Officer
360-604-4096 |
See more: Ed Tech, Print Shop, Records Center



Teaching & Learning

Chris McMurray, Assistant Superintendent
360-604-4012 |
See more: Curriculum & Instruction, Fine Arts, Highly Capable, Instructional Services, Student Teachers



Elementary Education

Scott Munro, Executive Director
360-604-4024 |
See more: Boundaries, Early Learning

Secondary Education

Bill Oman, Executive Director
360-604-4035 |
See more: Alternative EdAthletics & Activities, CCTE, School Safety


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