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Native American Education Program 

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Native American Education Program, Title VII

Evergreen, Battle Ground and Vancouver Public School Districts

We provide free tutoring, cultural events & classes, connect students and families with local resources. We host annual events each year celebrating our students culture, and are creating ways to build up student leadership. We also have a strong Native American Parent Association Committee that meets monthly. Contact our offices to see if your family qualifies!

The Purpose

The Native American Education programs across the United States are in compliance with governmental treaties. The purpose is to address the educational and cultural needs of Native American and Alaska Native students as they strive to meet the challenging state performance standards.

A Path to Higher Education

Students enrolled in the Native American Education Program are eligible to receive one-to-one academic tutoring. As they improve academically they place a higher value on education. Clark College is working with the program to reinforce the importance of education and encourage the Native American students to continue their education at the higher college level.

A Connection to the Past

Students enrolled in the program have an opportunity to learn about their Native American History, music, dance, drumming, dance regalia, types of songs, story telling, singing, legends, crafts and learn pride in their culture. Many find that the program, as well as the annual Pow Wow (held in March), help bring the Native American community together.

Program Services


First priority is given to the tutoring program in place in the school system. Students in the program who need academic help can be referred by parents, teachers, and counselors. Also, by the students themselves.

Culture Classes

Parents are encouraged to share their knowledge while the Native American staff conducts the culture class. At times, members of the local Native American community will speak with students about tradition. We will learn together about our history, about Pow Wows, crafts of local artisans, the male and female dance styles, and making dance regalia for those particular dance styles.

Classes are held on Monday evenings, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Burton Elementary School (14015 NE 28th Street) in Portable 300.

Information Available

A newsletter is mailed to families of the students in the program and includes an informational calendar of classes and local Native American events. A resource center with reference books, videotapes, audiotapes, DVD's, CD's, and other materials that pertain to Native American culture, past and present, is maintained.

Community Awareness

Upon request, guest speakers can be provided for classrooms and community groups.


How Can I Participate?

Parents are encouraged to be involved. Input and direction from parents for the program is important for the students. An advisory committee is in place, and consists of parents of students, teachers, community members, student representatives, staff and the Program Coordinator. The committee meets monthly or as often as necessary to give direction and ensure that needs of the students are being met as well as the community.

How Much Does it Cost?

The government funds the Native American Education Program, Title VII. The number of eligible students registered in the school districts and enrolled in the program determines the dollar amount of the funding. Therefore, each child's enrollment, whether they are involved in the program or not, helps fund the program for other students.

How Do I Enroll My Child(ren)?

In order to be enrolled, Student Eligibility Certification Form 506 must be fully completed for each child.

Click here to download a 506 Form or call 360-604-4012