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Safety has always been one of the district's top priorities. Staff throughout the district continually review policies and work to improve preparations and responses to anything that might threaten student safety. No safety system can completely prevent incidents, but Evergreen Public Schools employs numerous strategies to reduce the risk.

These strategies include:

  • All hazard emergency plans are in place and practiced at all schools.
  • Each school in the district conducts numerous drills to practice evacuation, lockdown procedures, and shelter in place.
  • Fire and Police personnel continue to work with school emergency teams to practice emergency procedures using drills and training exercises.
  • Employees are trained on how to respond to various incidents.  In addition, training is provided for building staff regarding the awareness and recognition of students who potentially may be violent. All teachers have received anti-bullying training that has resulted in reduced bullying behavior on school campuses.

Additional security measures are in place to protect students. These include:

  • Mandatory fingerprinting for all employees.
  • All visitors at schools are required to check in at the office. Security and building personnel are instructed to stop anyone they do not know, or suspended/expelled students, and escort them to the office.
  • The district has a strict policy regarding weapons on school property. Possession of firearms of any kind will result in an automatic expulsion.

Safety and Your Children

Parents can collaborate with school staff to help create safe schools.  Some things that you can do to help:

  • Make sure the school office always has current information about your place of employment, daytime phone numbers and names of adults authorized to pick up your child in an emergency.
  • Learn about the programs available regarding proper school behavior, getting along with others, positive ways of expression, and understanding racial and cultural differences.
  • Consult with the school about district and community resources for at-risk youths and family dispute resolution, intervention, and counseling.
  • Have a family emergency plan and be sure your child knows what to do and who to go to for assistance should an emergency occur while they are at home.
  • Review bulletins from your child's school that give directions on what you should do if an emergency occurs at school.
  • Familiarize yourself with your child's school lockdown and parent reunification procedures.

Emergency Preparedness Information

Should an emergency or disaster situation ever arise in our area while school is in session, Evergreen Public Schools has a detailed disaster plan that has been formulated to respond to a major catastrophe, including earthquakes and other human-caused or natural disasters.  Should a major earthquake or other disaster occur during school hours, students will be cared for at the school until a parent can pick them up, or until it is safe to transport students to their homes by school district transportation.

During any Emergency

DO NOT telephone the school.  Telephone lines will be needed for emergency purposes.  Calls to the school will receive a voice message recording only. Parents and guardians should call the school district's "Emergency Hotline" by dialing (360) 604-3637 for more information relating to the emergency.

Radio or television on the following local area stations will broadcast information regarding a school district emergency:

AM Radio

FM Radio


KPOJ 620

KOPB 91.5

KATU Ch. 2

KXL 750

KGON 92.3

KOIN Ch. 6

KPAM 860

KNRK 94.7

KGW Ch. 8

KEX 1190

KYCH 97.1

KPTV Ch. 12


KUPL 98.7



KWJJ 99.5



KKRZ 100.3



KUFO 101.1



KINK 101.9



KKCW 103.3



KFIS 104.1



KRSK 105.1



KLTH 106.7


Evergreen Public Schools uses an internet-based system for delivering changes in schedule, such as snow closures, to the news media. You may self-register and manage up to five home or office e-mail and/or cell phone text message addresses and receive emergency information just minutes after we post it, at no cost to you. For full information and to sign up go to http://www.flashalert.net/news.html?id=22. Please be aware that with the proliferation of spam and the resulting spam filters used by Internet Service Providers and cell phone companies, as well as individuals, it is impossible to guarantee message delivery, since different filters block different messages.

In the event of a serious emergency or disaster, students will be kept at their schools.  Parents will be given instructions on the "Emergency Hotline" or on local radio and television stations.  When it is safe, parents or a responsible adult, who has been identified on the "Family Emergency Plan," may pick up students.  If it becomes necessary for you to pick up your child at school during an emergency, it is imperative that student/parent reunion procedures are followed.  Look for signs marked "Student/Parent Reunion" to be reunited with your child. Please consider the following criteria when authorizing another person on the card to pick up a child at school:

  • They are 18 years of age or older.
  • They are usually home during the school day.
  • They could walk to school if necessary.
  • They are known to your child.
  • They are both aware and able to assume the responsibility.
  • They carry photo identification with them. 

Cyber Safety

While the Internet has many benefits for families, there are also risks. To reduce these risks, parents should be knowledgeable about online dangers, establish and follow clear guidelines, and be continually attentive to their child's use of the Internet.  The Vancouver Police Department recommends that parents become familiar with the following websites to obtain information on how to reduce cyber risks - www.netsmartz.org and www.isafe.org .

Safe and Drug Free Schools

Evergreen Public Schools annually applies for federal funds to participate in the Safe and Drug Free Schools program. These funds help support an Intervention Specialist in our middle and high schools to assist students with issues related to safety, drugs and alcohol. You can reach an Intervention Specialist by calling the main office at your child's school.

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act

In compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), Evergreen Public Schools contracts with an EPA accredited environmental service to conduct the required three-year asbestos re-inspection of all school buildings. The most recent inspection was completed during the 2009-2010 winter break. An EPA-accredited Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner performed the inspection and reassessment of each category of asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) and noted any significant changes from prior inspections. The district's custodial contractor also conducts biannual surveys of ACBM to check for damage between the required three year inspections. These inspections assist the school district in the process of safely managing all ACBM within our district.

The AHERA Re-Inspection Reports and Management Plans are available to the general public and can be reviewed during normal school hours. A designated person is available during regular district office hours to answer any questions regarding ACBM in our buildings. The designated person can be contacted through Risk Management at the district's Administrative Service Center.

Non-friable ACBM are present in some of the district's buildings.  All known ACBM are listed in the district's management plan and are being maintained in accordance with all Washington state and Federal laws.