Evergreen Public School District

Student Registration                                                                 

Welcome to Evergreen Public Schools! Our schools are open for new student registration.

Families are asked to bring the following items with them when they come to register:

  • Proof of Residency – a verifiable document with a current address on it
  • Student's Birth Certificate – All schools request that students be enrolled using legal name. The use of a student's legal name in the school's system will be a benefit for the student as all recorded school information will be validated when providing information for college or employment.
  • Immunization Information
  • Registration Forms (registration forms can be filled out online for your convenience or fill out the forms when you arrive).

Please view the Kindergarten Registration (Русский | Español) page for information about uniform age entry, immunization, legal custody documentation, and emergency information.

The Registration Forms (Русский | Español) include the Evergreen Registration Form, Certification of Immunization Status, and Statement of Exemption to Immunization Law, if needed. These forms can be printed by parents, filled out in advance and taken to your school when enrolling.