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Playground Rules

School playgrounds are provided for students' enjoyment. To reduce the possibility of injury, students are expected to be considerate of others and to obey the instructions of playground supervisors. Students are to observe the following when on the playground:

  • Throwing rocks, sand, sawdust, or any object other than balls, Frisbees, etc., is not allowed.
  • Baseballs or hard "softballs" are not approved for playground use.
  • The school is not responsible for personal items that may be lost or broken. Toys and other personal belongings from home will not be allowed on the playground.
  • Climbing on fences or rooftops to retrieve balls is not allowed. Students should seek assistance from playground supervisors.
  • Fighting is not allowed. Quarrels or difficulties should be reported to the playground supervisors.

In addition, each school may have additional playground rules. In the event of an accident, the playground supervisor should be notified immediately.

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