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Student Meal Service

The district's food service program is managed by Chartwells Dining Services, the largest contract provider in the world. The Resident District Manager is Karen Steinhardt, who can be reached at 604-3956.

All district schools participate in the National School Breakfast and Lunch program. All meals meet or exceed the standards set forth by the USDA and My Pyramid. Evergreen Public Schools is of our membership and dedication to the Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network and, our district-wide Farm to School Program. 

Free and reduced priced meals are available to all qualifying students. Applications are available at your child's school or on the district website at  www.evergreenps.org. Integrity and anonymity is strictly maintained. Breakfast for qualifying free and reduced students is free of charge. Lunch for qualifying free and reduced students is free to grades K-3; grades 4-12 have a nominal co-pay of 40 cents.

Students who do not qualify for free or reduced meals will be charged the following: elementary school breakfast 95 cents; middle school breakfast $1.15; high school breakfast $1.15; elementary school lunch $1.80; middle school lunch $2.10; high school lunch $2.35. Milk is 45 cents at all grade levels.

Secondary schools also offer a variety of entrees, snacks and beverages at ala carte pricing.

All students are assigned a pin number to access their food service account. Students retain the same pin number for as long as they are a student in good standing in the district. Students must have money in their account to cover the cost of all meals and ala carte items. If a student's account is in arrears, we will make every effort to collect the balance due. Fines may be imposed on negative balances.

The food service department will make every effort to accommodate students with special needs or food allergies. Please address all questions and concerns to the Resident District Manager at 604-3956. For more information, or to view lunch menus and nutritional information, click here.

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