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Student Learning Plans

Beginning in 2004, the Washington state legislature made it a requirement that students in grades 5-12 who did not meet the standards of knowledge and skills measured by the state assessments receive and follow a Student Learning Plan ("SLP").  In the Legislative Session of spring 2010, this was revised to include only students in grade 8-12 who have not met the standards.  The purpose of the Student Learning Plan is to provide communication to parents about students' continued academic progress and to assure that students are on track for high school graduation.

Who is required to have a plan?
SLPs must be prepared for all students in 8-12th grade who were not successful on any or all of the content areas of the HSPE during the previous year or who may not be on track to graduate due to credit deficiencies or absences. SLPs are maintained until the student meets standards on the HSPE or HSPE August retakes for high school students.

What must be included?
Grades 8-12: Parents and legal guardians will be notified annually (at least) about the information in the SLP.  The learning plan will include 1) MSP/HSPE results; 2) Washington Language Proficiency Test (WLPT) scores, if the student is in a bilingual program; 3) credit deficiencies; 4) attendance rates over the previous two years; 5) progress towards meeting state and local graduation requirements; 6) courses, competencies and other steps needed to meet academic standards and stay on track for graduation; 7) remediation strategies and alternative education options available to students, including informing them of the option to receive instruction after 12th grade or until they are 21 years old; 8) alternative assessment options; 9) school district programs, high school courses and career and technical options available for students to meet graduation requirements; and 10) available programs offered through skill centers or community and technical colleges.

When do the plans have to be completed?
Plans must be completed within the school year. Although completed plans early in the year would provide more time to help students who do not meet standard on the MSP or HSPE, the law allows plans to be completed any time within the school year.

What parent/guardian involvement is required?
Parent or legal guardian notification about the SLP will be at least annually, preferably through a parent conference, but at a minimum by mail. Progress and plan modifications shall be reported annually to parent/guardian.

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