Evergreen Public School District
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Community Ed


Your guide to volunteering in Evergreen Public Schools Community Education Department

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Before and After School
  • Hunger Response
  • Summer Reading and Math Tutors
  • Junior Role Models
  • Sport Camp and League Mentors
  • Eastside Farmers Market Days
  • Community Events

Looking for a unique Culminating Project?  Call us! 604-4082

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that will help prepare our students to be world competitive and to support our community as it also grows in this 21st century.

Safety is our first priority. In order to be a volunteer in Evergreen Public Schools, you must complete the Youth Volunteer Application Process.  The process is easy and must be complete before participating in any volunteer activities.

Volunteer applicants must read, complete, and return the following documents to the coordinator and/or school running the volunteer activities.  Approved applicants are permitted to volunteer in all Evergreen schools for two (2) years.

  • Clark County Juvenile Background Check
  • Copy of Photo Identification
  • Liability and Photo Release
  • Volunteer Expectation Agreement
  • Program Assignment and Contact Information

 Click here to download the Youth Volunteer Application

Thank you for offering your time to make a difference in the lives of your fellow students and community.  If you have any questions please contact the program coordinator or supervisor you wish to volunteer with.  Community Education Office number is 360-604-4082.  Office Hours 9:00a-4:30pm, closed daily from 11:30-12:30 for lunch.