Dear Evergreen families:

Thank you for your patience as we deal with the aftermath of our recent winter weather. Over the last two months, we have had eight (8) cancelled school days and one late start day due to snow and ice. When we make the decision to cancel school, it is after looking at the current and predicted weather, the condition of the roads throughout the district- not only main thoroughfares, but the neighborhood streets and sidewalks our students and staff must travel on and the street conditions where all schools are located on—and the ability to safely get everyone to and from school.

We also make the decision knowing that we will still be held accountable by the state of Washington to provide our students with a predetermined number of school days and hours. To that end, we have made the following changes to the existing school calendar, and have successfully petitioned the state to waive making up three of the eight missed days based on the following:

·         There will be school on Friday, January 27 and Friday, February 17 (these were previously no school days for students);

·         Beginning Monday, February 6, school will start five (5) minutes earlier and last seven (7) minutes longer, each day, until the end of the school year; and

·         Adding June 16, 19 and 20 as school days (extending the previously scheduled end of the school year by three days).

By adding the extra time each day, we satisfy the state requirement of an average of 1,027 hours of instruction for the school year without needing to make up three of the eight days (as made possible under the Governor’s Emergency Declaration for the snow storm of January 10/11). The new last day of class (unless we have any additional inclement weather day cancellations), will be TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017. For high school seniors, graduation dates remain the same, and the last class day will be June 13.

We will post the new calendar on the district ( and school web sites, and have paper copies available at each school. You will want to check for your child’s school start/end times, as well as for the scheduled early release times/days for each school.

We appreciate the input and willingness of our labor unions, staff and parents to allow us to come up with this innovative solution to meet the educational needs of our students.



John Deeder, Superintendent

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