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The 49th Street Academy is a therapeutic school serving at-risk students whose complex needs prevent success in other educational settings.  The 49th St Academy focuses on re-engaging students in an educational program, through the development of lagging skills, with the goal of successfully returning to a comprehensive school environment.

As a program we :


§View students as lacking skills or having unsolved problems
§rather than refusing to do well. 
§Provide interventions that assist in stabilizing students emotionally,
§socially, and academically. 
§Provide therapeutic services to assist in the stabilization
§of the student.
§Recognize the value of the family and involve it to its fullest potential.


The mission of 49th Street Academy is to support all students in achieving their very highest educational and personal potential and to prepare them to contribute as citizens of a diverse, multicultural, and international community.  The Program strives to teach students self-determination in dealing with their lagging skills in order that they will successfully function in the educational environment and beyond.