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Students thank EPS School Board
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Students thank EPS School Board

Words of Thanks and Appreciation to our Dedicated Evergreen Public Schools Board of Education Board Members 

From all the students at 49th Street Academy

You're The Reason We Shine.  We wouldn't be comfortable without the help of you.  You've dedicated so much of your time.  We'd all like to say something, but we do not always know how.  You've created a great environment that all families can see.  One more time, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Your dedication is what sets our school district apart.  All of you Board Members are helping us to become good citizens and students, and make it possible for us to know that we can be successful adults.

You fill our desks with pencils, our library with books, our day with fun-filled plans, and our cafeteria with food.  You make sure that our teachers are the best there could be.  There would be no 49th Street Acadmy School if it wasn't for what you do.

From all the books we read to the papers we write, again thank you for your help, Board Members.

To the Evergreen Public School Board you do a great job, so thanks.  You guys are the best. Roses are red, Violets are blue and you give us a good education, so here's a little Thank You.


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