Most Valuable Person

 Honoring the employees who always put our students first

Jordan Baur


Frontier Middle School

Thank you for your commitment to keeping Frontier safe, and your passion!

Lisa Garner, teacher
Melanie Garner, paraeducator
Terri Gerichs, paraeducator
Angie Waudby, paraeducator
Chiew Ling, Paraeducator

Pacific Middle School

Lori Nolan, paraeducator

Pioneer Elementary School

Lindsey Blackman, teacher

Mountain View Middle School

Sammie Grimes, substitute teacher

Lara Alford

Instructional Coach

Fisher's Landing Elementary School

You are the ultimate champion for kids and staff!

Dan Mertz

PE Teacher

Harmony Elementary School

Thank you for your consistent support and care of students and staff!

Laura Budd

Academic Intervention

Marrion Elementary School

Thank you for creating and improving systems for kids!

Anna Capacci

Teacher, Special Education Coordinator

Evergreen High School

Thank you for going above and beyond for students!

Carla Dufrain


Image Elementary School

Thank you for your unwavering support of students and how you connect with staff and students!

Marlene Cowan


Wy'east Middle School

Thank you for your thoughtful and proactive support of Wy'east staff, students and families.

Amy Angelo


Orchards Elementary  School

Thank you for setting the tone for us and for your service to kids!

Warren Edmondson

Transition Coach

Cascade Middle  School

Thank you for your positive presence with students, getting them ready to learn!

Deedra Oswald

Leadership Teacher

Shahala Middle  School

Thank you for your incredible work to elevate student voice at Shahala!

Shane Eschman

Intervention Paraeducator

Crestline Elementary School

Shane is unwavering in supporting students in need!

Marisabel Gomez


Angie Gomzez


Marrion Elementary School

Thank you for the amazing ways you support students, staff and families!

Kerry Mcgarry

Math Teacher

Mountain View High School

Her positive attitude for teaching math to students is inspiring!

Zhanna Agarkov

Paraeducator, English Language Learners

Evergreen High School

Zhanna inspires by going above and beyond to help students in school!

Natalie Allen

Josh Condon

Patty Dollarhide

Kaben Humphrey-Butler

Campus Security

Union High School

Thank you for creating meaningful connections with students!

Teresa Ohrt


Burton Elementary School

Teresa will literally do anything you ask to support Burton Elementary!

Emily Brucher

FCRC Outreach Coordinator

Riverview Elementary School

Thank you, Emily, for helping ALL our families!

Kain Eklof


Hearthwood Elementary School

Kain is a most positive force who supports everyone at Hearthwood!

York Teachers

For your unwavering support of students under extraordinary circumstances!

Crista Miller

Instructional Coach

Katy Reid

Language Specialist

Sunset Elementary School


Crista and Katy support the administration to stay focused on the goal of delivering high-quality professional development to staff.

Kathryn Santos


Sifton Elementary School

Kathryn shows incredible leadership and vision supporting Sifton students!

Jen Grover 


Kim Kuhnhausen


Lori Nolan


Pioneer Elementary School

Thank you to Jen, Kim and Lori, who keep our students safe and happy on the playground and beyond.

Anne Pugsley


Fircrest Elementary School

Anne has incredible relationships with the kids and incredible pedagogy! 

Katie Suksdorf

Spanish Teacher

Heritage High School

Katie brings a relentless optimism and si se puede (yes we can) attitude to her job!

Shannon Shambaugh

Equity Advancement Specialist

Equity & Inclusion Department

Shannon facilitates, inspires and engages relevant professional development for our school improvement planning!

Nick Eckman

Paraeducator/Playground Monitor

Sandy Hammond

Paraeducator/Quarantine Room 

Viki Salyers

Paraeducator/Playground Monitor

Emerald Elementary School

Nick, Sandy and Viki do such a great job of caring for and loving their students!

Debora Bonilla


Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary School

Debora is outstanding in supporting all students!

Karin Leffel


Image Elementary School

Karin comes to work every day with a positive mindset to motivate others to serve students

Laurie Niskanen

Behavior Interventionist

Illahee  Elementary School

Laurie is here, there and everywhere supporting students!

Kristen Fullerton


Silver Star Elementary School

Kristen is a star teacher at Silver Star!

Clay Russell

Custodian Lead

Pacific Middle School

Clay goes above and beyond with a positive attitude and kind heart!

Kristina Labadie


Hearthwood Elementary School

Kristina is a champion for children. She knows every child and what they need!

Kelsie Kirk

Behavior Specialist

Orchards Elementary School

Orchards MVP, Kelsie Kirk, is always finding ways to support students.

Jen Murphine

Instructional Coach

Riverview Elementary School

We were excited to present our very own Jen Murphine with an EPS MVP Award for her hard work and focus on math learning at Riverview. Jen Murphine is Riverview’s Amazing Instructional Coach. 

Candice Tan


Home Choice Academy

Candice provides exceptional support for students with special needs at Home Choice Academy.

Jean Callahan


Sunset Elementary School

Jean does whatever it takes to support the Orchards staff, students, and families. She is simply amazing!

Heidi Donahue 

Coordinator/Special Education

Union High School

Heidi is relentless in her pursuit to advocate for the support and success of our learners with special needs.  She is a support to students, families, and staff and does an exceptional job day in and day out. 

Ruth Beggs

Specialist/School Improvement

Administrative Service Center

Ruth provides dedicated support for district leadership and essential and greatly appreciated engagement in School Improvement Planning.

Betsy Hemphill

Behavioral Specialist

Fircrest Elementary School

Betsy delivers food, picks up students, home visits, all the kids know her.  She is constantly checking in on how kids are doing in support of students and staff.