Safety and Security

Help Us Keep You Safe! 

HIB Compliance Officer/Gender Inclusivity, Discrimination, and Harassment: Shane Gardner, Director of Safety & Security 

 Please use this form to report a HIB concern (you are able to report anonymously).  This form should not be used to report staff concerns or complaints. That is a different process. 

Report any ongoing harassment, intimidation or bullying incidents here.

Memo pad on desk with the word anonymous in red ink

NOTE: Please DO NOT use this form for a HIB concern or if it is regarding a concern about a staff member. This form should be used to submit tips on weapons, suspected drug activity, or any non-harassment, intimidation and bullying threat to our school's safety.

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Report any concerns about safety in our buildings here. Examples: Parking lots, traffic, visibility, slipping/tripping hazards.

EPS Standard Response Protocol

Receive a letter from your student's school that references one of the terms below? 

Did your student come home and say their school practiced one of the actions below?

Here is the emergency response protocol that we use in Evergreen Public Schools:

HOLD! In your room or area. Clear the halls. (Example: a medical event or other event where there is no danger present).

SECURE! Get inside. Lock outside doors. (Example: an event with law enforcement that is not on campus, but where out of caution, we keep students in classrooms and keep working with no disruption to learning).

LOCKDOWN! Locks, lights, out of sight. (Example: an emergency event that is taking place on campus).

EVACUATE! To the announced location. (Example: fire).

SHELTER! Using the announced hazard and strategy. (Example: tornado warning or Hazmat concern).

Click here for a poster with all of this information and more details

Safety and Security in Evergreen Public Schools

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Cyber Safety

While the Internet has many benefits for families, there are also risks. To reduce these risks, parents should be knowledgeable about online dangers, establish and follow clear guidelines, and be continually attentive to their child's use of the Internet. 

Stop Online Child Exploitation

FBI | Safe Online Surfing

Cyberbullying and Digital/Internet Safety | OSPI

If you are in imminent danger and/or need an immediate fire, police or medical response, please call 911. Non-emergencies, call 311.

You can reach our Safety and Security Department at 360-604-4037 during business hours. Email: Safety and Security Department (email is not monitored after hours).

Shane Gardner

Shane is our Director of Safety and Security.  He has a BA in Speech Communication from Central Washington University. After college Shane enlisted in the Army where he spent a total of 10 years between active duty and National Guard service.  In 1998 Shane was hired by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office where he served over 16 years.  In addition to working patrol, Shane was a narcotics detective, was promoted to sergeant in 2008, and eventually supervised five School Resource Officers who served four different school districts. Shane graduated in 2010 from the Leadership Clark County class.  In March of 2015 Shane joined Evergreen Public Schools as the Manager of Safety and Security.  In 2016 he attended a School and Justice Certificate program at Georgetown University.  Shane is a product of Evergreen Public Schools, along with his wife (his high school sweetheart) and two children. Shane provides a wealth of knowledge and experience, along with his dedication to the safety of students and staff in our Evergreen Public Schools. 

Kyle Olsen 

Kyle is our Manager of Safety and Security.  He has his Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and  has 12 years of law enforcement experience with Kirkland PD, Redmond PD and Vancouver PD.  During his time with Redmond PD, Kyle worked as a school resource officer at Redmond HS for 4 years.  After his time in law enforcement, Kyle went on to serve Portland Public Schools as a senior manager of safety and emergency preparedness for 3.5 years.  Kyle has been with Evergreen Public Schools since March 2022, and is passionate about school safety and the safety and well being of our students, staff and community. 

Bridget Beaudoin

Bridget is our Safety and Security Coordinator. She has been with Evergreen Public Schools since 2010 as an employee, and 10 years prior as a volunteer. She’s worked in elementary, middle and high school buildings, then moved to district office in 2019. In addition to bringing knowledge from all grade levels at our buildings, she had 5 children go through the district, the last one graduating in 2019. Safety is a top priority for her, realizing the importance not only as an employee, but from a parent’s perspective. 

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act

In compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), Evergreen Public Schools contracts with an EPA accredited environmental service to conduct the required three-year asbestos re-inspection of all school buildings. The most recent inspection was completed in 2022. An EPA-accredited Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner performed the inspection and reassessment of each category of asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) and noted any significant changes from prior inspections. The district's custodial contractor also conducts biannual surveys of ACBM to check for damage between the required three year inspections. These inspections assist the school district in the process of safely managing all ACBM within our district.

The AHERA Re-Inspection Reports and Management Plans are available to the general public and can be reviewed during normal school hours. A designated person is available during regular district office hours to answer any questions regarding ACBM in our buildings. The designated person can be contacted through Risk Management at the district's Administrative Service Center.

Non-friable ACBM are present in some of the district's buildings.  All known ACBM are listed in the district's management plan and are being maintained in accordance with all Washington state and Federal laws.