Board of Directors

Julie Bocanegra

Julie Bocanegra

Victoria Bradford

Victoria Bradford

Rob Perkins

Rob Perkins

Ginny Gronwaldt

Ginny Gronwoldt

Jacqueline Weatherspoon


John Boyd


(360) 604-4005

Lori Strohl

Administrative Assistant, Superintendent and
Board of Directors


Dr. Charlene Williams

Deputy Superintendent

Scott Munro, Senior Director of Elementary Education

Bobbi Hite, Senior Director of Elementary Education

Heather Fowler, Senior Director of Secondary Education

Matt Hill, Senior Director of Special Services

Human Resources

Jenae Gomes, Chief Operations Officer


Phone: (360) 604-4010

More info: Human Resources Webpage


Jennifer Jacobson, Chief Financial Officer


More info: Budget & Fiscal Services Webpage


Susan Steinbrenner, Executive Director of Facilities


 Phone: (360) 604-4077 

More info: Facilities Webpage

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Klarissa Hightower,  Executive Director, Equity & Inclusion 


Phone: (360) 604-4043

More info: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Webpage


Cale Piland,  Director of Athletics and Activities 


Phone: (360) 604-443

More info: Athletics Webpage

Community Relations

Craig Birnbach, Executive Director of Communications and Community Engagement


Phone: (360) 604-4088 

More info: Communications & Community Relations Webpage

Information Technology Services

Derrick Deziel, Director, Infrastructure & Network Operations , IT Operations 


Phone: (360) 604-4096 

More info: Information Technology Webpage

Safety & Security

Shane Gardner, Director Safety & Security 


Phone: (360) 604-4066 

More info: Emergencies & Safety Webpage


Yvonne Gaylord, Transportation Director 


Phone: (360) 604-4950 

More info: Transportation Webpage