District Equity Advisory Committee & School-based Equity Teams

Meet our District Equity Advisory Committee

We are excited to introduce to you the Evergreen Public Schools Equity Advisory Committee for the 2022-2024 term. This committee consists of 29 diverse and passionate Equity members representing the following stakeholder groups: students, parents, community members, certificated staff, classified staff, and administrator staff. Members will advise district leadership in identifying and eliminating systems, policies, procedures, and practices that create inequities among our students and staff. 

Student, Cassidy Taylor 

Student, Kelis Hightower 

Student, Reid Shepard 

Student, Suzanne Xu 

Student, Nevaeh Peavy 

Student, Xavier Corey 

Student, Olivia Newkirk

Administrator, Andrew Schoonover 

Parent, Amber Hall 

Parent, Jessica Murchison 

Parent, Alex Nelson 

Parent, Bryant James 

Parent, Mikhail Oparin 

Parent, Randy C. Corradine 

Certificated Staff, Angelica Floyd 

Certificated Staff, 

Colleen Schoonover 

Certificated Staff, 

Marissa Valencia 

Certificated Staff, 

Joseph Boken 

Certificated Staff, 

Ashley Cooper 

Classified Staff, 

Paul Porter 

Classified Staff,

Jeannine Mills 

Classified Staff,

Sierra Gerber 

Classified Staff,

Todd Murchison 

Community  Member

Das Gupta

Community Member,

 Carol Flynn

Community Member,

Jermaine Emmanuel Constant-Williams 

School-based Equity Teams

Here, in Evergreen Public Schools, each of our schools has a school-based Equity Team. This became a requirement for all schools as of the 2022-23 school year. School-based Equity Teams are a diverse group of school stakeholders who inform and support the school's efforts to eliminate the predictability of outcomes by demographic group and provide students with what they need to be successful. This year, representatives from each school team meet monthly with Equity department staff to:

  Representatives then take this information back to their school teams to implement.