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Diversity: the extent to which elected groups are representative of the local demographics

Equity: the extent to which outcomes are predictable by demographic; eliminating the predictability of outcomes by demographic group through ensuring that all students and staff have the opportunity, access, resources, and support they need to be successful

Inclusion: the extent to which our diverse populations feel comfortable,

respected, and empowered within the school and school district community AND the extent to which diverse community perspectives are included in decision-making that impacts their lives

Racism: the intentional or unintentional oppression of a group of people based on race

Systemic racism: practices, policies, and procedures within a system or organization that produce racially predictable outcomes where members of color consistently occupy the lowest levels of achievement or success

Anti-racism: the act of identifying, interrupting, and eliminating racism and systemic racism by changing systems, organizational structures, policies, practices, and attitudes, that perpetuate racially predictable outcomes

Dignity: the unconditional right every human being has to be treated ethically, as if their life has worth and value

Culturally Responsive Practices: identify, value, foster, and utilize student and family strengths, experiences, and ways of being to promote engagement, achievement, and empowerment