Superintendent Search

The Evergreen Pubic Schools Board of Directors is leading a search to hire the district's next superintendent. Information and documents will be posted on this page during the process. 

May 14, 2024 Board Meeting

Board Discussion on Superintendent Search

Slideshow on Search Firms for Interim Superintendent 

Superintendent Search Presentation.pdf

April 23, 2024 School Board Community Letter

Dear Evergreen Community,


On Monday, April 22, our Board of Directors held a special meeting to discuss the upcoming retirement of Superintendent Boyd on June 28th. Director Weatherspoon and I, as Vice-President and President of the Board, have been tasked with outlining the process to choose our next superintendent.


During the meeting, we discussed the qualities and values important to us as we set up this process. Over the next few days, Director Weatherspoon and I will consult with experts and colleagues in Washington and Oregon who have experience in hiring superintendents. We aim to bring our recommendations to the Board in or before the next regular meeting on May 14th. This meeting will also be an opportunity for the public to share their thoughts.


Evergreen is committed to equity and excellence, and we believe our selection process should reflect our community's shared values, focusing on what our students need and aspire to achieve. We want to ensure that everyone has a chance to share their views and contribute to this important decision.


Thank you to everyone who has already shared their advice by email since we announced the retirement. We encourage everyone to keep sending their thoughts and comments to Each Board member will receive a copy of emails sent to that address.


Thank you for your attention and participation.



Rob Perkins

President, Board of Directors

Evergreen Public Schools

April 22, 2024 Special Board of Directors Meeting to discuss superintendent search process and next steps.